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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want the ideal bridesmaid dress, you will have to concentrate on your pre-wedding planning. Before you even survey and shop for your first gown, there are some stuffs you need to know from the bridal shop. Is an appointment necessary to visit the shop? Can you afford the dresses you want? Can you glance through entire collection of dresses? On the other hand, do you only can try the dresses that sales person chooses for you? If the shop does not have the dress you like, can it be ordered?

Once you can answer those questions and you found a dress or two that you really interested in, there are still more questions you have to think?

* Can a dress that you really interested in be ordered with various sleeves or neckline?
* What kind of alterations can be done and how much will it cost?
* Is it possible to get the written estimate on the alterations?

* If the bridesmaids dresses are ordered at the particular shop, does the discount given on it or maybe free alterations?
* Does the shop have sets of headpieces or veils to suit on with your dress?
* When is the balance due and how much is the deposit of the total cost?
* Does the shop accepts any cancellations and do they have refund policies if anything goes wrong to your dress?
* Is the shop able to rush on the dress you like if necessary?

The questions above are the most significant question to ask. However, you might have some questions of your own. Please be cautious of any shop that does not give you direct answers or written estimates? Once you found the dress that you really want, try to ask them whether they can hold the dress for a or two. It is recommended that you go home and wait at least 24 hours and go back to shop for another look. If you think you have made the right choice, this is the right time for you to buy it.

Alternatively, if your relatives, for example your mother or maybe your maid of honor, sales clerk or your close friends think that the dress they select for you is perfect and you felt that you are not sure about it, then use the same technique. Go back home and wait for a day. Finally, go back to the shop and take the second glance of the dress they select for you. If the dress is not suitable or maybe you just don’t like it, don’t let the pressure from your close friends, store staffs or even your mother. This is your dress and you deserve to make a choice.

Once you chose your wedding dress, the clerk or the store staffs immediately will take size of your bust, hips and waist, and will be determined whether the dress needs to be taken up. Every wedding dress needs several adjustments. You might need to go in for fittings regularly at least five times. Try to make sure that if your dress adjustments are not free of charge, you must ask the clerk of the shop to hand you a written estimate. Furthermore, try to ask the clerk of the shop whether you can use the dress for the portrait sitting or not. If anything goes wrong with the dress, you can claim back your money. In addition, it is recommended to pay the shop with a credit card.

Yet you still have another choice to make. What about your headpiece and veil? The sales staff must capable to support and help you in selecting a headpiece that will suits with your dress. The veils also come in various lengths and style, and the rest will depend on the sales staff to help you making decision on which combination is best for your dress.

The dress that you chose would mostly depend on the veil that you will choose. If you were the type that prefers a street length casual style dress, you would not choose a church veil, which the veils will trail on the floor. Similarly, you would not be dressed in flyaway veil, which hardly will brush your shoulder.

Try not to forget wearing the right lingerie, jewelries and shoes, to suit and spice up your stunning wedding dress.

There is one more things that you should think of before you leave the bridal salon, your bridesmaids dresses. You will need to concern complexions, the ages, and body types of your bridesmaids. Luckily, nowadays bridesmaid's gowns are no longer the cookie cutter dress, which is most of them in the same color, and nobody would ever wear those types of gown again.

There are some choices or options for bridesmaid's dresses that mainly focused on what color that they prefer and what kind of fabric that is suitable for all of the women. In addition, let your bridesmaid pick a style that they like and comfort with. You might want to select a simple a-line or empire waist dress butter up all figures and allow your bridesmaids to pick the color they want. The recommended colors would be purple, lilac, lavender, plum, mauve and orchid. If you decide to pick all bridesmaids to wear the same dress, they can customize the appearance with scarves, small beaded purses, shawls or jewelry.

Besides, try to be alert that the colors and your bridesmaid's wear are balance and match. The color will mostly depend on you. You do not want that your bridesmaids wearing green and you wear red unless it is Christmas.

Now the wedding segment is over and the only think you think is what you want to do with your gorgeous luxurious dress. It is recommended to hang the dresses somewhere back of your closet where any stain will form and very complicate to get rid of it some other time. To preserve the gown, you will need to ask your bridal shop to list down the names of recommended gown preservationist. Not all are experts in gown preservations as many dry cleaners declare that they could clean wedding gowns.

Most of preservationists used two cleaning techniques. The most used technique is the wet cleaning method, which the dress is washed by hand with a cleanser and removes detectable and undetectable stains such as champagne and sugar). However, other preservationists use dry cleaning technique where the stains are removes lightly and next the dress will be dip into the dry cleaning machine. The dress will be wrapping in white acid free tissue or unbleached muslin once the dress is cleaned. The reason of white acid free tissue is use in this process is because that the acids in the ordinary tissue papers can stain and eventually it will eat holes in your wedding dress. After that the wrapped dressed is positioned in an acid free or paperboard box. To prevent your wedding dress from becoming yellow, the box is stored out of direct light.

Most of the time, a good reputation preservationist can charge you up to $200-$400 to package and clean up your gown depending on the place you live. It is recommended that before you send your wedding dress to the preservationist you should ask the preservationist whether the preservation work is done on site or other place. Moreover, try to check if you have to sign the disclaimer from the preservationist because some places state that they are not responsible for the damage done throughout the preservation process. The most important thing is that you must look for a preservationist who will guarantee his or her work.

To preserve your bridesmaid dress, it not a good thing to wrap the dress in plastic and do not hang it on the regular hangar because the dress will tends to stretch and deform from its own weight. As the last step, do not try to clean the stain by yourself as this could cause them to set.

To extend the life of the dress, it is recommended to wrap the dress in unbleached muslin and store it in a well-built box under your bed. Someday you might want your daughter to wear it on her wedding day.

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