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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bridesmaids Gifts

Weddings are a moment of magic. Wedding is definitely a special day, but it is also a special day for all the people who love you. Bridesmaids carry a long tradition of aiding the bride on the wedding day. Their contribution plays a dignifying role in the wedding ceremony and the overall contributions add to the color and harmony to the ceremony . Their intense support in planning the scrutiny of the wedding ceremony and the mental support they share to bear the pressure of the trauma and responsibilities of the bride – might only be made up with a perfect Bridesmaid Gift.

Great bridesmaids deserve great bridesmaid gifts! Bridesmaids are the most important women in your life because these are the people you choose to stand next to you on your wedding day. A perfect bridesmaid gift is just the perfect touch for your appreciation for these special women in your life. These ladies have been with you through many milestones. Many brides today are holding less tightly to the tradition of giving bridesmaid gifts. Bride gifts are not necessarily compulsory but a little gratitude to them in showing your appreciation of their friendship is something that goes a long way. These are the women that make your special day a memorable one.

Bridesmaid gifts run in a whole entire scope in price, style and individuality. There are the brides that spend hundreds of dollars and there are those that spend only a few and of course those that choose to buy something inexpensive and less time consuming.

The real question is how to do you get a perfect bridesmaid gift. Definitely choose well. Use your time well to think and choose something meaningful, not only to you but also to your bridesmaids. Your thank you gift should be simple, sweet but meaningful. A bridesmaid gift will be cherishing as a reminder of your wonderful friendship and camaraderie experience during this very important moment.

There are a few popular trends in bridesmaid's gift. Jewelry is one. Personalizing jewelry by giving each bridesmaid a jewelry ensemble with her birthstone is considered quite classy. Dainty chandelier earrings paired with the perfect necklace present an attractive ensemble.

A trendy gift could be an ideal activity-gift which could pledge the fact that fun times not yet over – and symbolize that old times would often roll in the future – regardless of the fact that the bridesmaid is married or not. The monopoly or The Chick Game are various types of fun board games featuring traditional feminine quiz, some with blushing effect while some will break you down to laughter.

Another is monogramming which has developed into a full fledge service with monogramming occurring on all types of products. Some of the items that are monogram these days are handbags, footwear, totes, leather gifts, key rings, photograph albums, and trinket boxes. Here are some bridesmaid gift pointers that possibly help you in your pursuit of finding the perfect bridesmaid gift.

1) Make it Simple. Do not get all stress out on getting the gift of the year. This is certainly not the right time to show that you are Paris Hilton. These are your family and friends and they already know that this is not the case. There is no need to be extra creative. It might end up as a disaster. Just keep the gifts simple.

2) Does not have to be Expensive. An expensive gift is not necessary for a bridesmaid. You do not have to prove that you are the best in the world by buying them something that is very costly. Importance is getting something that shows that you care.

3) Make it Personal. The most important of all in getting a bridesmaid's gift is making it personal. Do not simply buy something from the rack and expecting that they would love it the moment they led eyes on it. Get something that they like. For an example, their favorite movie. Be a little creative and give it with a box of their favorite chocolates or candy. Sometimes a gift card is just not enough. By doing this, it demonstrates that you pay attention to them and their interest.

4) Make it Tasteful one. When choosing a bridesmaid gift, it must be appropriate for the occasion. An example is giving a book. It does not require much money but yet tasteful and personnel. Keep it elegant. Your wedding might be remembered as giving out cheesy gifts.

5) Spontaneous Gifts. Yes, time is never enough on searching for their right gift for your bridesmaids. Any time is the right time to do so just to show you appreciate them for being there for you. In other words, you do not have to give your gift exactly on your wedding day. You have all the time in the world to show your girls some appreciation. You maybe surprise your best friend with a cute locket when you were strutting through the mall just weeks before your wedding. So take your time.

6) One-of-a-Kind Gifts. Each and one of your bridesmaids are different individuality who plays unique roles in your life. The best way of making you gifts memorable is choosing each and one of them a different gift. For example; a candy necklace kit for the party animal or a charm bracelet for the traditionalist. By doing this, you show some respects to your girls' their differences and uniqueness.

Yes. It is not easy to find gifts for the bridesmaids. But there is a saying that what makes the bridesmaids happy, it makes the brides happy. Some people believe that you should spend the exact amount that your bridesmaid contributed to you and your special day. There are no right answers here. You do what you have to do. Whatever that is right for you. Regardless of whether you are hundreds of dollars or much less on gifts, or whether you choose to invest time, rather than money, in making special gifts yourself for your bridesmaids, the important thing is that the gifts are a tote of your appreciation to your bridesmaids.

Wedding plans can be very hectic and busy; this does not mean you need to stress out on finding the perfect bridesmaid gift. Just keep things simple and think of something that might be useful for your bridesmaid. They'll appreciate your effort. Like they always say "it's the thought that counts".

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