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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bridesmaids Hairstyles

You may think that your biggest dilemma you would be facing is when you are choosing and on how to organize the bridesmaid outfits. But things can be more complicated if suddenly your best friend arrives at your house with her hair dyed green. Remember, this stuff do happens.

The question is whether she’s a good friend or not. Well, she should be since you asked her to be your bridesmaid and everything that goes with it. You have to worry about something more important rather than your best friend’s offending hair color. But despair no more. If your wedding is months away, then there is still time to correct the hair color problem which is whether of course, your bridesmaid is open minded enough to change it. If not, then one of your bridesmaid has green hair.

Decisions on choosing bridesmaid hair should all be between the Bride and her bridesmaids. Sometimes it may be easier to decide on hair accessories than allowing each bridesmaid to choose a hairstyle which she is comfortable wearing. Junior bridesmaid’s hairstyle should be fashioned after the bridesmaids, but definitely with a less grown up style. Colored rhinestones pins would look great if she has short hair while long hair worn down can easily be dressed with embellished combs.
Ideas on managing the Bridesmaids hairstyles
Your bridesmaids will probably have different varieties of long and short hair.

If girls with the long hair decided to wear their hair up, then the short hair girls can pull off a similar look by sweeping the hair back from the face by using hairpins to keep it back, and then fluff up the back. Once it’s done, then you’re ready to go

Paying Bridesmaids hairstyles

When paying the bridesmaid hairstyles, there are no hard and fast rules to do so. If the Bride chooses the bridesmaid to wear their hair in a specific way to her liking or us her favorite salon, then it should be the Bride who pays. But if everyone is willing in using the same salon, with no hard feelings then
why not divide the bill fairly.

But the bridesmaids are free to do their very own hair and if they rather go to their own hairdresser, then the Bridesmaid should pay for their own.
Deciding hair accessories for the Bridesmaids

Try choosing hair accessories based on the color of the bridesmaid dresses and their jewelry pieces. Rhinestones and pearls are perfect since they’re both neutral in color and compliments all the colors in the rainbow. Alternately, the bridesmaid hair accessories can be gem stone either real or synthetic or just simple gold or silver. But then, some brides prefer to wear a small tiara imitating the one being worn by the Bride. Tiaras look perfect on all lengths of hair, long or short even green hair.


Use some small stars of sparkle for your hair. You can use little pearls and crystal fairies around your hair. They work great either for long or short hair.

Bridesmaids Hair Pins

This is a more extraordinary approach than the traditional tiara; hair pins scattered with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals adds a more modern style to your bridesmaids’ hairstyle.


This is perfect for a French twist, bun, or other up-do, and it’s a great way to dress up short hair. By making bridesmaids outfit to sparkle, rhinestone, crystal, and silk that will do the trick.

Super Model Pony Tail: The runways are full of this style because it's so pretty and

easy to do. Here's how:

1. Apply EXXTRA GEL super hold styling sculptor from its roots to the ends and comb it through to make sure it is even distributed while its hair is still damp

2. Place a nozzle on your hair dryer and using your fingers to smooth your hair completely back from your face. Then pull it back tightly at the scalp into a ponytail about halfway up the back of your head. Lock it with a coated elastic band which matches your hair color.

3. Now, pull a small section of your hair out and wrap it all around the elastic so your ponytail looks as if it’s being held by your own hair and not the elastic. Pin it all into place or tuck it back into the elastic.

4. Use some DESIGNING TEXXTUR if your hair is curly, work high fashion crème into the tail and twirl the small sections of your hair around your fingers to help bring its volume down and give you a prettier, smoother curl.

5. Set your ponytail with one medium self-grip roller and blow dry on a medium setting if your hair is straight. Wait till your hair is completely dry and cool before removing it.

6. Spritz your scalp lightly with MAXXIMUM with super holding styling to keep it looking shiny from your walking down the aisle to the very last dance.

7. A light misting of COMB THRU natural hold design and finishing mist, on the ends will guarantee that the ponytails appears soft and free however still can go the distance.

8. Lastly, add shine and extra frizz control with a little of MAXXISHINE SPRAY

Anti-frizz & shine spray.

Chic Chignon: This is definitely not at all like those prim little buns that you had in mind. It’s something classier with a twist.

1. You have to keep it a little looser than a ponytail since this is a softer and somehow sexier look,

2. It is recommended you use MOUSSE PLUS which is alcohol free. A volumizing foam styler into the hair from the roots to its ends and pulling back less tightly at the scalp than a ponytail

3. Assemble together your ponytail at the nape of your neck and instead of pulling your hair all the way out of the elastic in a second time, just pull it halfway through in order to create a loop.

4. By pinning up some of the ends into place is adding some sophistication. Lock your style by carelessly misting all over with COMB THRU natural hold design along with finishing mist.

5. Lastly, add shine and extra frizz control with a stroke of MAXXISHINE SPRAY which is anti-frizzy and shine spray.
Half Up and Half Down: All hair styles begin with a good shampoo. Below are the steps in washing your hair. Then later is on creating the style.

How to Wash Your Hair

1. Your hair should be soaked in water before you apply shampoo. Don’t take this lightly. This is more important than you think.

2. The amount of shampoo that you intend to use should be according to the length of your hair. Long hair should only use about a tablespoon. Shorter hair definitely should be lesser.

3. Massage your scalp to loosen the dead skin cells. This is usually what dandruff develops into.

4. Then, Rinse well. Usually, we don’t spend enough time rinsing the soap from our hair. Make sure to check the hair line before you move on to the next step.

5. Apply conditioner equally to the ends of your hair. The ends are the oldest and most damaged area and it need all the help you can get. Try leaving the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes.

6. Rinse if necessary. Also make sure that whether you are using the traditional conditioner or the leave it on variety.

7. Squeeze water as you much as you want from your hair as possible.

8. Blemish your hair with a towel to soak up excess water. Never rub dry as the cuticles can catch on the fibers which can cause more damage to your hair. If you have more time, then air dry your hair.

Styling Instructions

1. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and lock into place using a scunchy or barrette. Anything to your choice.

2. Dampen your ponytail and wrap small section around rollers of choosing. Some other people prefer to use bendable rods. What ever it is and which is the easiest, it should be your choice.

3. Dry naturally if you have a lot of time or just use a bonnet or a blow dryer.

4. Once your hair is completely dry, give a blast of cold to help set the curl.

5. Slowly then unwind the rollers, wrapping the curl around your fingers before going to the next step.

6. Once all the curlers have been removed, one by one, pull on curl so that they are lengthen.

7. Check the final results of your hair and pay attention to the finer points like bangs if you have them, or curls that might need extra attention.

8. Finally, spray a fine mist of hairspray to help hold your hair in your place. A good hairspray can hold in its place without feeling too hard to the touch.

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